Event WiFi

Corporate Events

Let your guests be connected to your

branded WiFi.


Get your PoS, Ticketing and Artist

area connected to high-speed Internet.


Sell an Internet connection to

exhibitors as an additional revenue


What do we offer?

Beyond Network Solutions offers a pain free experiencing in getting your event connected to the Internet. We have the latest hardware that is reliable. A venue offered Internet connection rarely meets the standard to handle the amount of guests attending your event, so why let it reflect your brand? We’ll design and connect your guests to an exceptional service that will work.

How will this benefit your event?

Offering WiFI at your event can help boost your brands awareness, we achieve this by custom landing pages in order for people to connect to or act as another revenue stream by selling to exhibitors at your exhibition!

We’ve got all the reporting, security and scalability to report about your event, connected an unlimited amount of devices and secure it all simultaneously.

Strong Signal Everywhere

We optimise our WiFi access points to get the best coverage across your event space.

24/7 Support

If there’s any issues, we’re ready to support you. We can remotely monitor and login at anytime.

Social Integration

Brand your custom WiFi network with social integrations and increase your followers.

Isolated Networks

All WiFi networks are protected and secure, this includes staff, guest, PoS and ticketing networks!

Production Offices

Get a hardwired connection into your production office, take advantage of a dedicated line to maximise productivity.

Monitor Statistics

Receive statistics on how many people are connected, what devices and browsers they’re using and demographics.

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