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Reliable email hosting that works with all of your devices.

Application Servers

High speed servers, designed to

process applications efficiently.

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Local web hosts to your market,

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Online cloud storage solutions

to back up and store important files.

How can we help?

Cloud computing is at the forefront of offsite server hosting. With its ability to host various applications such as website, specific applications, operating systems and your emails, its the best way to guarantee a more reliable uptime of your services, reduce your energy costs and increase efficiency.

With cloud computing, there isn’t one computer dedicated to your business, theres several, all specifically managing one task. This means if your business receives a large influx of website viewers, our cloud servers will dedicate more resources to handle the load.

Support you can rely on

We can help migrate and or set up your business into cloud, this is a straightforward process by establishing why you want to move into the cloud, what you would like to be moved into the cloud and when it is best to do this. After we’ve migrated you into the cloud, we’ll monitor and provide you with support to make sure you’ve transitioned smoothly.

What can you host in the Cloud?

Applications (Rental/POS)
Emails and Websites
Custom Solutions
Shared Online Storage

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